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A Chicago native, with roots in Mississippi and Louisiana, Chef Kei has been sharing her decadent creations with the world for over 20 years.  She's lovingly known as the "People's Chef; and proudly wears crown the of being  the first African American Executive Chef of Oxford, MS. 

Chef Kei credits her love of food and cooking for others from her Grandmother and Father; both have over 50 years of experience cooking for their communities. Growing up Chef Kei, realized she have a gift for cooking and hosting, and decided to turn her passion into a thriving career.

Keiona Jackson, "Chef Kei" is a well-known Celebrity Private and Catering Chef based in the Oxford MS and the Memphis TN areas. Chef Kei is always exploring new cuisines or fresh cooking methods. Her  recipes are unique and delicious, and services are simply unmatched. If you want to learn more, simply reach out today.

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