In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic Which Do You Choose Fight or Flight?

30 Mar 2020 no comments admin

On Thursday March 12th at 6:30 p.m., I received a call from my boss to close the restaurant and was instructed to sanitize everything; I would receive further details the following morning. The next morning I was informed that the restaurant will be closed for the next two weeks. Dreadfully, I called my staff in for an emergency meeting to give them the news. Needless, to say it broke my heart to inform them that they would be laid off for two weeks or more. For the majority, this is their only source of income and others were working two jobs to make ends meet.
As I began to work in other areas of the hotel, things took a turn for the worse. More employees’ hours were getting cut and more cases of COVID-19 had started to surface. As it hit closer to home, job security had become a real concern. As I worried about my staff and finding things for them to do, I didn’t realize I needed to be concerned about my job. On Thursday March 19th I received a call at 9:45a.m. informing me that I was being let go and needed to come in to return my keys.
I was faced with the choice to either fight or flight? I chose to fight. I got out of bed and stopped feeling sorry for myself and took control of my situation. I gave away all the unhealthy snacks that I had bought (to eat way my feelings), resumed my fitness training, and decided to launch Kei Gourmet, LLC. Kei Gourmet, is a chef driven meal prep company that strives to deliver locally sourced healthy meals packed full of flavor. It’s been proven that consuming a balanced diet that’s not full sugar and processed foods will aid in strengthening the immune system and ward off infection. I want to do my part and help my community fight this virus.19